In search of Hip-hop

Straight out of Khartoum comes a short film featuring a collection of young men who call themselves Hip Hop Artists, In Search of Hip Hop, offers an inside look at a fresh new wave of creative expression in Sudan. A few years after peace was brokered with South Sudan a boom in live performances and visiting DJs and MCs from Europe and the USA the Hip Hop fire really caught fire in the city of two Niles. The film features live performances, spur of the moment free-styling and footage from the first Sudan Boombox live DJ party in spring of 2010. The film is set against the backdrop of Sudan’s first elections in 24 years. Post-separation the film brings to mind questions of freedom of expression and continuity in a severed nation.

This film was produced by Goethe Institute Sudan as a part of Sudan Film Factory’s series Made in Sudan. It was also Official Selection at Rotterdam International Film Festival (IFFR) in 2013.

After In Search of Hip Hop I developed a collaborative project with Christoph Lumpe and a German producer to capture local stories on the eve of secession.
Film Credits from The Two Sudans2011- 2013:
Chol, Director, Camera & Sound
Khamis, Director, Camera & Sound (yet to be released)

Film credits from Sudan Film Factory 2010:
In Search of Hip Hop
Rababa Man, Directed by Mario Mabor
Diversity, Directed by Mohamed Hanafi, Maaz Negoumi, Nahla Mohaker